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Bunnik Tours

bunnick 2016-Europe-BrochureThe advantage of being a family company is that you don’t have to follow the crowd. So when Bunnik Tours saw that the world of organised touring was being turned into a numbers game by mass-tourism and multinational companies, they happily walked the other way. Bunnik’s small group tours are aimed at ‘the forgotten age group’: like-minded people who don’t want to party until sunrise, but who don’t want to go to bed at sunset either! It’s about discovering new places in the comfort of a small group, with people you can relate to. Bunnik however, are not a rough and tumble adventure-tour company – everything is arranged, you’ll have a guide, travel in air-conditioned vehicles (when not travelling on camels or cable cars!) and each night, enjoy a comfortable bed in a good quality hotel with private facilities.

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